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    Microblog Monday #19–My Lighthouse Lesson

    “Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island, looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.” I’ve always been enchanted by lighthouses. There is a quiet strength, a power in simply being. Something I must remind myself. We are enough simply standing tall.

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    Microblog Monday #18–My Super-Power is Curiosity

    My super power is curiosity. I ask questions all the time. I learn new things, enjoy interesting conversations, and connect with people at a deeper level.  So I ask you, What’s your Super-Power? Have you noticed most people don’t ask questions. Or, when they do ask a question, they don’t seem to really listen to the answer.  Even more rare, they don’t even ask a follow up second question. It’s the follow up questions where we can go deeper. The “tell me more about…”; How did you….?; I’m curious about……? questions. I just assumed everyone was curious. I was wrong.  It’s not that people are unintelligent, they just don’t seem…

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    MicroBlog Monday #17 The Power of Small Moments

      Don’t underestimate how small moments can illuminate the darkest of times. When I reflect back on the day, I am most grateful for the small moments that happened. Often unexpected and seemingly insignificant, they become cherished memories and offer us hope. Birds chirping outside–the first sounds of the morning. My granddaughter wraps her little hand around my finger when we’re walking in the neighborhood–a precious act of love and trust. The burst of flavor of a warm, ripe cherry tomato–the first in this season’s garden to nourish and delight the senses. Consider all the unseen small moments in life everywhere. Moments of beauty. Acts and words of kindness, love…