I’ve asked and found some answers to those tough soul-searching questions typical for a woman at midlife. What’s next for me? Who am I beyond the roles I’ve played? What do I want to be remembered for? What am I really passionate about?

I’d recently ended (“retirement” just doesn’t work for me) my long professional consulting career in Silicon Valley helping companies thrive particularly in times of change and growth. I was done with that career and not sure what was next.

In the past few years, I’ve blended years of research and my personal interests with women’s issues with my business experience. I have developed programs that help women in midlife to explore new aspects of themselves. They rediscover what’s really important to them now, identify latent passions, and traverse the unfamiliar terrain in life and create new exciting directions for their lives.

At the Marathon Finish Line
My own journey in the world of “life after corporate” includes running several half marathons, a passion for tennis, finding courage to take improv comedy classes, hike the Grand Canyon, a wonderful second marriage, and a new business.

I, too have stood in the kitchen in the middle of the night asking, “What am I doing with the next 30 years?”

I found my answers, my inspirations and methods to keep myself looking and living forward. Equipped with well-earned wisdom from life experience and a sense of humor, I help women over 40:

  • Navigate through a major life transition (divorce, empty nest, career changes)
  • Reframe setbacks or disappointments to make you better, not bitter
  • Encourage trying something new and different when life is both exciting and scary at the same time
  • Re-discover lost talents and re-ignite passion and action for a forgotten #SoulGoal

Contact me directly and let’s move your life forward.

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