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    I’m curious…..how do you plan social outings?

    Ok, I’m a naturally curious person and I’ve been thinking about how we plan to do things with other people. In general, do you decide to get together with someone and then you decide what to do?  Or do you schedule an event or activity and then ask someone to go with you? Also, if you have comments about this, please let me know. Thanks. Here’s the link, so please Take this quick 3 question survey. (I posted this on Facebook a couple days ago.) Thanks.    

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    8 Things I Did to Change My Perception of the World

    I have been feeling overwhelmed and powerless the past few months by all the anger, violence, and hatred in the news.  The problems feel so big, well beyond my capacity to do anything meaningful to make a difference. I became irritated, short-termpered and wasn't sleeping well. Rather than focusing on the big events, I decided to shift my focus to living my best simple life every day for the next 30 days. At first, it felt like denial, escaping from the "tragedy of the day", or I was becoming uncaring and out of touch. I made a few conscious consistent changes in my everyday activities to see what happened.