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    I’m Healthier (and May Live Longer) Because I Live Gratefully

    It didn’t start out so well back in March. With little warning or mental preparation, Covid threw us into a silent, empty world, with only essential services open. I struggled with the stay at home orders, not seeing my family, and the associated fears of this unknown pandemic. My overall feeling of well-being and optimism had been dismantled. I was stressed, sad, not sleeping well, felt disconnected, and many days unable to focus on anything except binge-watching movies.  As we near the end of a very challenging 2020, I realize I am feeling good. I am relaxed, sleep well, no longer depressed and now able to enjoy my life as…

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    Nine Ways You Can Brighten Up Your Life Now: Part 1 of 2

    Within Each Ending is a New Beginning So many overwhelming endings and life changes happened in my fortieth year. For starters, my marriage ended. We sold our house and my children and I moved to our new home in a nearby town. My dad died, and my career went into a new direction. If my life were a book, several chapters ended at once. As painful as these events were for me, looking back now I see them as beginnings of my new life. I was not alone. Endings were all around me——deaths, divorces, jobs, and changing relationships. Fast forward two decades when I retired from a 35-plus year career.…