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    Microblog Monday #35 Let Love be Your Foundation

    “Let love be your foundation. Whether or not there is friendship. Whether or not there is agreement or understanding, let there be love.” –Tamara Levitt. When I allow love to be my foundational principle, my life feels easier. It is easier to forgive, both myself and others. It is easier to be open to life, to  new ideas and differing opinions.  Conversations are richer and deeper when I am listening with a loving ear.  And I am much kinder to myself and with others.

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    My Conversation with Nancy on Why it’s Important to ask Questions Now

    This is the perfect time to ask questions of those people you care about–family, aging parents or grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  You’ll learn about their childhoods, friends, jobs, and who they were when they were growing up. Not only will you gain a better understanding of the family history, you’ll be amazed at some of their life experiences. We have more time now to listen and learn from their experiences and hear the various perspectives of those in our our lives. And they will enjoy sharing their stories with someone who cares enough to ask. If  you have some ideas or questions you’ve asked and how you learned more…

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    Six Ways I was Inspired by a Celebration of Life

    On Saturday, I attended a close friend’s Life Celebration, a man who lived a very full 91 years.  I knew George for over 20 years when he met and fell in love with my close friend. They shared a beautiful life together and she was there with him the evening he peacefully passed. The four of us traveled, enjoyed many wonderful weekends and holidays together over the years. Over 200 people gathered on the beautiful sunny, crisp California afternoon to share stories, hugs, tears, humor, and his favorite foods prepared beautifully by his amazing, talented chef-daughter. When family and friends gather for a Celebration of Life, we often learn several…