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    #ThursdayThoughts How Far will You Drive for a Good Conversation with a Friend?

    Last Monday I drove 90 minutes each way to meet a friend who’d flown in from Chicago to attend a conference. Her schedule was tight, so it made sense for me to drive to meet her during a couple hour break between afternoon sessions. I hadn’t seen her in person for several years. It’s one of those cherished relationships where you reconnect immediately and the conversations are supportive, fun, honest, and vulnerable. The weather was dicey, lots of rain and wind on the drive down. I arrived first and soon she walked in. After warm, welcoming hugs, we sat down with our warm drinks. It felt timeless. The time flew…

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    Microblog Monday #35 Let Love be Your Foundation

    “Let love be your foundation. Whether or not there is friendship. Whether or not there is agreement or understanding, let there be love.” –Tamara Levitt. When I allow love to be my foundational principle, my life feels easier. It is easier to forgive, both myself and others. It is easier to be open to life, to  new ideas and differing opinions.  Conversations are richer and deeper when I am listening with a loving ear.  And I am much kinder to myself and with others.