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    It Takes Curiosity and Courage to Have a Good Conversation

    Remember a year ago, when we sat down with someone and had a face-to-face conversation? Doesn’t that feel like decades ago? I appreciate meaningful conversations, now more than ever since the pandemic has disrupted our everyday life connections. Technologies, such as video-calls are helping, but I still find it challenging to connect with those I care about. Conversations are where I sort things out, laugh at life’s funny moments, and occasionally cry over a friend’s losses, and make some sense of the events unfolding in our world. Getting beyond “How are you?” Have you noticed how conversation usually starts with “how are you?” And the typical response is “fine.” This is an…

  • Microblog Monday 16 Listen
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    Microblog Monday #16–Listen

    Listen with a curious mind, an open heart and a willingness to be vulnerable enough to say, I don’t understand. Tell me more. Most often, this is the best first step. Whether the turmoil is in our external world as it is now, or going on inside me, I’m often at a loss for what to say or do. Then I realize I don’t need to SAY or DO anything. I simply need to listen. Listen with curiosity to the voices of those in pain. Listen to those who understand through living a life very different than mine. They have perspective and insights I don’t have.  I want to listen…