The Nine Facets

The Nine Facets are aspects of our self which may have been buried throughout our life, as we worked, cared for others, focused on the outside world, or simply self-neglect. They’ve always been there and simply need to be uncovered, rediscovered, and polished to allow our light to shine through. Mid-life is the perfect time to explore these aspects, allowing us to learn, develop and brighten the world in new ways.

There’s no time like now to create a fabulous rest and best second half of life. In my research, conversations with women and my experiences, I’ve identified the most significant nine facets. (There’s certainly many others I haven’t yet described.)

A brief description of each facet, common traits, and simple, interesting ways you can explore that facet. You’ll hear about women who’ve explored this part of themselves, their journeys, challenges and delights along the way. These stories are meant to inspire and encourage you.

I chose a diamond as metaphor because I think they are fascinatingly beautiful, individually varied and a miracle of time, place and change. No two are alike and are as unique as each of us. Diamonds are the hardest of substances, take billions of years to create from 100% carbon, under the earth from heat and pressure. They reflect the light of the world, as well as have a brightness and clarity of their own.

The word diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas” which means invincible or indestructible. Remind you of someone? Diamonds are also believed to protect the wearer from danger, give them strength and courage, as well as contain healing properties to cure everything from fatigue to mental illness. Men wore them into battle, as often as women wore them as adornment.

Diamonds exemplify the many facets we women have in our lives through which our light may shine. Over time in life, we lose parts of ourselves. Isn’t it time to rediscover those facets? Finding long buried interests and passions we once had to bring more light, brightness and pleasure into our lives.

The Nine Facets

AdventurerArtisanAthleteCaregiverEntrepreneurTorchbearerSageSensualistWorld Changer
Seeker of new places and experiences near and far. May love travel, watches National Geographic and Discovery channels; enjoys exotic cuisines, and exploring her world. Home is where she drops her purse after a day of new sights and experiences. Rarely routine, she may be spontaneous, while meticulously planning her next long excursion. Variety intrigues her.
Favorite Song: On the Road Again, Willie Nelson
In her own medium of creation, she brings the new and unique into the world. In many forms—writing, art, glass blowing, jewelry, interior design, fragrances,or photography to name a few. More than a casual hobby, the Artisan loses herself easily for hours in the creation process, tapping a bottomless well of ideas and inspiration.
Feels a strong connection with the body and movement in the physical world, often intent on challenging herself physically in new ways. Running, sky-diving, tennis, hiking, yoga, and achieving new levels of fitness are often outlets for the Athlete. Competition and achieving a personal best may be part of her vocabulary, with physical movement woven into her day.
Conscious choice or by necessity caregivers serve others in various capacities of giving or caring. A midlife career may include acupuncturist, massage therapist, healer or hospice.  Frequently, they find themselves the caregiver to a loved one, spouse, partner, or grandchildren, or help to manage and deliver the care to an aging parent, ailing spouse, or best friend. Often the caregiver must be reminded of the importance of good self-care to ensure their own health and well-being.
Her light shines through a business venture, either a new arena or stepping out   beyond her past career. on her own. Example would be financial analyst opens up a retail store, a corporate employee starts a consulting firm specializing in social media. A love of business, enterprise and being part of the economic landscape excites her as she captains her own business.
Engages successfully and happily with people and activities in her personal and social spheres. Values family traditions and cultural connections, creating vibrant holidays, celebrations, and ensures the family remains connected with one another and to their roots. Busy, engaged and connected, she loves her life and her tribes and communities. This energy may be expressed by the desire to thoughtfully focus on shaping one’s life’s legacy and what it may be.
A casual interest in a subject becomes a passion, fueling a strong desire to become an expert in a particular field. This may lead to bringing knowledge to others through presentations, books, articles and teaching. An example may be a former venture capitalist who, upon finding a wounded bird, becomes a world-renowned aviary expert on certain rare species. An interest in art history leads to becoming a docent at the local art museum or sharing her expertise as a middle school resource.
A student of the senses, she explores and delights in the five (some say six) senses and creates a life rich in texture, tastes, sounds, and scents of her world. Gourmet cooking, foodie, fashion design, perfume creation to name a few. In earlier times, courtesans were such women, devoting years perfecting the arts, embracing and creating richness in life’s sensual experiences, and sharing those gifts.
A strong desire to create a positive difference in the world, she addresses causes, people, and injustice to make the world a better place. Armed with life experience, wisdom and compassion and courage, fueled with passion, there’s no stopping her. Either through activism or philanthropy, she uses her gifts and resources to serve a need in the world.
Favorite Song: Imagine by John Lennon.

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