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    #MicroblogMonday–25: Three Powerful Ways to Move Through Overwhelm

    Overwhelmed? I have three powerful tools I use to get through it. 1.  Focus on my breath. 2. Make a list. 3. Schedule it on my calendar. The first thing I do is slow down my breathing. When we are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, our natural response is rapid, shallow breathing. By consciously focusing on the breath flowing in and out, we naturally lengthen and deepen each breath, bringing more oxygen into the lungs and slowing the heart rate. Second, I write out everything that’s rattling around in my mind onto a blank sheet of paper. I put down everything that feels overwhelming, big or small. The act of getting…

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    #MicroblogMonday 24–Put Yourself on Your To-Do List

    “We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own “to-do” list.” –Michelle Obama. After I read this, I looked at my to-do list. I was nowhere on the list. Projects, activities, and the needs of others were nicely written and numbered. I use my lists to prioritize my life, so what does that say about where I am as a priority? Hmm…. So I made a few changes. Enjoy a cup of afternoon tea. Call a friend. Read for pleasure for one hour. Take a walk. That’s much better!

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    I’m Healthier (and May Live Longer) Because I Live Gratefully

    It didn’t start out so well back in March. With little warning or mental preparation, Covid threw us into a silent, empty world, with only essential services open. I struggled with the stay at home orders, not seeing my family, and the associated fears of this unknown pandemic. My overall feeling of well-being and optimism had been dismantled. I was stressed, sad, not sleeping well, felt disconnected, and many days unable to focus on anything except binge-watching movies.  As we near the end of a very challenging 2020, I realize I am feeling good. I am relaxed, sleep well, no longer depressed and now able to enjoy my life as…