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#ThursdayThoughts: What is Your Favorite Comfort Food?

We all have our favorite comfort foods. These foods beckon us on dark, cold winter days. They are the foods that nurture our spirit, just as they nourish our body.

My comfort food is soup. I love many soups and have dozens of recipes. One of my favorites is homemade tomato soup with a slice of homemade hearty wheat bread.

Other comfort foods I love are chicken pot pie, a hearty beef stew, and pasta with a rich sauce.

Salad, although healthy and delicious on a warm, summer evening, for me is not a comfort food. It may nourish, but it doesn’t do much for my spirit.

Comfort food differs from a bag of Doritos, a box of cookies or a pound of chocolate. These are often eaten when bored, sad or stressed.

Comfort foods are a far cry from “guilty pleasures”. Guilt and pleasure are two words I don’t link. If you enjoy something, then savor in the pleasure. Ditch the guilt.

Comfort food is a simple, highly effective way we can take care of ourselves. (Click here for other self-care ideas.)

When friends or family are sick or feeling down, often I bring them a favorite soup. I feel I’m doing something comforting for someone I love when I am chopping and prepping, and I love the smell of soup simmering on the stove.

What is your comfort food? Have you enjoyed it lately? It will make the dark, wintery days of February feel a little brighter.

Bon appetit.



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