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    The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made When I Retired…and How I Fixed Them

    A Pivotal Moment in a Major Life Transition I experienced an awkward moment at a women’s event when someone asked for my business card. I had recently ended my 30-plus year career, didn’t have a current business card, and when asked what I did, I didn’t know quite how to answer. Without my business card, I had no job title, company, address, or contact information. I felt invisible without my career identity. I responded, “I recently retired.” This answer often stops the conversation cold or elicits benign responses such as “must be nice”, or “oh, I could never retire”.  Then the conversation quickly shifts. The better conversationalists ask a second…

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    7 Things I Learned in Dealing with My Anxiety

    How are you feeling these days? Lethargic? Unable to focus? Anxious? Depressed? Or pretty well considering….? I’ve gone through roller-coaster days of “general, nonspecific grief” over the loss of so much I had taken for granted. Now I’m struggling with anxiety, including clenched teeth, middle of the night “busy brain”, over-eating, and oh-those-so-snarky comments. I’ve managed my anxiety over the years with meditation, journaling, and regular exercise, which all help. But….the pandemic-related issues, social unrest, concern for my family, California wildfires and poor air quality have overwhelmed me.  I know I’m not alone. All my usual anxiety-reducing good habits just weren’t working.  So…. I dug deeper to explore, learn and…

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    Microblog Monday #17–When Confidence Shows Up

      Confidence seldom begins our journey with us.  Rather, confidence becomes a trusted companion only after we get started. When we begin most anything new, we may feel excited,  nervous, uncomfortable, but rarely are we confident. That comes later as we move step by step, small successful actions, little wins, and goals achieved. We begin to feel our confidence return and build within us. So get started on what you you want or where you want to be even if  you don’t feel confident. It’ll show up. So….begin boldly and know that confidence will join you along the way.