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    5 Reasons Creativity is Important in Your Life Now

    “But I’m not creative like you!” I lamented to my long-time friend. What are you talking about? You are too!” She then listed the many creative things I’ve done over the years. (That’s one reason why I love my long-time friends. They remember and help us see things about us we may not see in ourselves.) For all those busy years of kids and career, I rarely had the time to do what I considered to be large creative projects. I tried in small ways to “up my game” with occasionally creative table settings, holiday and kid projects, and interesting vacation photos. More like “creative-lite” I thought. I felt like…

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    Rediscover Nine Energies to Create Your Best Second Half of Life

    Endings……… and New Beginnings Have you experienced a major life change in the past few years? If you’re over fifty, like most of us, your life has shifted in some major way. Many overwhelming endings and life changes happen in midlife. Marriages end or begin, children leave home (or return), parents age, careers end or new ones begin, we move to a new community, friendships change and more. Every ending is different, yet they all have one thing in common. They are all followed by new beginnings. Whether we consciously decide what’s next and look forward, or we resist this ending and look backwards,  it’s our choice. We cannot always…

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    Three Unexpected Life Lessons I Learned Traveling

    “Travel is rich with learning opportunities and the ultimate souvenir is a broader perspective.” —Rick Steves I rolled my red carry-on up the steps into the house after our two-week vacation in Portugal and Barcelona. I walked through the house, opened up doors and windows to clear out the stale air, plopped the suitcase on the bed, and promptly unpacked. Dirty clothes in the hamper, shoes in the closet, toiletries in the bathroom, and the suitcase put away ready for the next trip. Years of travel and my return ritual is much the same. Tired but hyped up from the long flight, I always believe using energy when it shows…