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    #Microblog Monday 31 Be a Tourist in Your Life

    “Be a tourist in your own life. Ask questions. Be curious. Wonder more.” For those of us who love to travel, we embrace the new and the different in what we see and do. We ask questions, learn, and seek out new places, different foods and interesting activities. We often travel far away to do so. What if we showed up in our daily life with an adventurer’s perspective–a heightened sense of awareness in the everyday things we do? Bringing in something new or even doing a routine task in a new way challenges our thinking and energizes us. So…what can you do? Go somewhere local you’ve meant to, but…

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    #MicroblogMonday 30—Saying Yes to Your Needs

    “There are times when saying “yes” to our own needs, we must say “no” to the needs of others.  In other words, when you say yes to someone else’s needs, what are you denying yourself? Time, money, resources, energy or attention? There’s a trade off in some way. Recently, Simone Biles and Naomi Osaki, both top professional athletes, said yes to taking care of their own mental health needs. In doing so, they said no to the public’s need to see them perform. They showed incredible strength to take care of themselves in full view (and some criticism) of millions of people. Some have argued they demonstrated weakness in not…

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    #MicroblogMonday #29 Creativity: Imagination at Play

    “Creativity is about the process, not the end product.  It’s our imagination at play….where joy is in creating, not in what is created.” We’ve all experienced being in the flow of creating. We lose track of time, discover new ideas, try new techniques and learn and practice new skills as our energy and imagination guides us. Creating often feels playful and fun as we allow our imagination to roam free and wild. Whether or not we like our end product, that feeling is usually short-lived and  pales in comparison to the joy of creating. We can all use more playtime and joy, so start creating.