Why watch a bad movie twice?

Things I sometimes think about when running…..

We all have unpleasant and hurtful events in our past.  The challenge is what do we choose to do with those today?  I ask myself why do so many of us choose to revisit, remember, and remind ourselves of those hurtful people or times?

It’s like buying the DVD of a bad movie and continually watching over and over this visual experience of something we don’t like. It could be painful, psychologically violent, or just a really bad movie. What’s worse is it takes up valuable time today, in this moment. Also, it does not allow us to be fully present to experience the beauty, love and the good times which may be right here, right now.

Our memory distorts those events over time and we are most often the victim in those past dramas.  Our perception of those long ago past events, conversation, and painful moments shifts a bit each time we tell the story.  We are the producer, the director and the actor in those scenes.  Unfortunately we freeze people in their role, dialogue and actions of long ago–everyone remains stuck.  Even actors today grow in their career and the good ones become better over time.  In most cases, that applies to ourselves and the people in our lives.  (Of course, there are bad actors who will always be bad actors! We simply choose not to see those films or be in them–right?)

Why not allow those in our life movies do the same?  Why not script something new today?  Isn’t it time to write,  produce and star in a movie that makes us feel good.   I think I’ll make mine a romantic comedy.

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