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Why I Started Running Again and What’s Different This Time

New Shoes--June 2016
New Shoes–June 2016

I quietly began running again after a few months hiatus and have actually done a couple of races. Am excited, re-energized and happy about this. So, what’s changed and why do I think I’ll be more successful this time around? As you can read in earlier blogs, I started and midway through my training for a full marathon I quit.

Several changes have been made–both in my mind, where it all begins, and in my life.   I realized that my plan wasn’t bulletproof and things happen. Life happened and I fell off my plan; my running buddy had an accident and needed surgery, so she no longer was running; and I lost confidence in going this solo. So what’s different?

  1. I’m much quieter about my goals this time around, although I have shared it with my husband, sons, and running friends. They get it   and most importantly, really understand me about all this. When a goal is new to you, it is quite fragile, so be cautious when you take it into the world. Also, I’ve seen where the world in general doesn’t seem to support the outliers, until they become incredible successful.
  2. I joined a small local running group. Lew’s Walk n’Run meets 4 times a week in Campbell/Los Gatos area and offers support, realistic fitness and running suggestions to the group It is a wonderful small supportive fun tribe of people of all ages and fitness levels. (Lew Cramer himself is just a little older than I am, so he’s a great role model and inspiration.) I learned that I definitely need outside accountability for the fun, inspiring side of support, and suggestions to improve. I know I am self-desciplined and will work my plan, but having others to offer suggestions, encouragement and a sense of humor along the way, makes a huge difference.
  3.  I have a plan again and have peppered more races into it to make it more fun and offer smaller goals to achieve. I recently ran 4 mile community run, a 1/2 marathon, and a 10K, doing better each time for the varying distances.   So, I suggest when you set a goal, have milestones, the equivalent of “fun runs”, where the only thing that counts is participation with friends and the day of event activities. It’s the feel good part of the process which is the spice of life.

So I’m off and running again…and just as I did last year, I bought a new pair of shoes. I honestly wore out the others, so it feels like a reward and incentive to continue.





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