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Who you gonna call? Why you need a go-to list

As a woman and home-owner, occasionally I need help for things I can’t do myself. And being a natural questioner, I am always asking other women for suggestions and their favorites.   Over the years, I’ve collected many high quality go-to resources. I have my own “Cherryll’s List”, my version of   Angie’s List. My list is a compilation of recommendations, vetted and trusted by other women. Women have had these lists for years….we know when we need help and often where to find it. Women are natural collaborators and want to share their favorites–from recipes, hair stylists, plumbers, and other cherished resources.

Over the years, needs change and so do the resources we want and need. I want to share a few I’ve found and I love today! Add them to your list…and I’d love to hear what resources you’ve come to love and cherish.

  1. TaskRabbit is having dozens of handy people at your disposal. I heard about this one at my future daughter-in-law’s wedding shower. When I mentioned I needed a guy with a truck to move patio furniture I just bought, a woman suggested Task Rabbit. This app has all sorts of helpers who have been vetted, you review and pick one, and then pay a reasonable hourly fee directly through their app. I’ve used them several times for a variety of tasks…all excellent!
  2. If you know someone who needs local transportation and may not have or use a smartphone, Arrive Ride Services provides concierge on-demand ride services to order the ride.   It is the perfect service for aging relatives, or those who don’t use phone apps, or simply don’t want to try to figure out Uber or similar ride services. It’s very easy to become a member (or help someone) for a modest monthly fee, then either you or the member calls and talks to a real person (concierge) when the ride is needed. The concierge arranges the transportation and let the rider know the details, all for a small transaction fee per ride. This service is owned by a woman, who saw the need in her grandmother–a vibrant older woman who didn’t have a smartphone and was driving much less.
  3. Meal Delivery. Doordash is a food delivery service. Easy to order from 100’s of restaurants (all types of food), delivered to the specified location. If you’re at a park and don’t want to pack a picnic, you have a friend who’s home ill and wants something beyond pizza, or you just don’t want to cook or drive, this is a great solution.
  4. If you have an aging parent (or friend) who needs in-home care, more than you or other family members can provide, HomeInstead can help. Companion care, household care, meals help, respite care and other non-medical services are all available from vetted, bonded and reliable staff. The Sunnyvale/Mt. View office is woman-owned and a great resource for care-givers and families. (Note: Sign up for their newsletter–it’s filled with valuable information on a variety of caregiving issues.)

So, there are a few of my favorites at this time of life, (by the way, I receive no remuneration from any of them–I am just sharing the love!). Please share your vetted favorites.

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