Succulent desktop wallpaper
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#WallpaperWednesday | Succulent

Every week in 2018, I’ll be sharing a power word in weekly wallpapers to help brighten your desktop and act as an affirmation of sorts. These wallpapers will be available in two desktop sizes, tablet and mobile device.

This week… Succulent

I’m excited to share and talk about this week’s wallpaper because they are close to my heart… and my desk. And my kitchen window sill.

I have completely been taken by the recent design trend of planters of varied succulents in the home. To me, they are little bits of happiness… and low maintenance happiness at that.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of succulent includes:
1 : full of juice : juicy
2 : rich in interest

How appropriate for how I am feeling these early September days about myself and my life. Still so much to say, see and do.

These particular plants shown in the wallpaper are echeveria. I came across a wonderful page on how to care for them and again… I appreciated the synergy of the words and myself.

Succulent plants are easy to love. Their ease of care, sunny dispositions and moderate growth habits make them perfect for warm seasons outdoors or well lit interiors. The Echeveria succulent plant is just such a specimen, thriving on brief periods of neglect and low water and nutrients.

I know I’m not alone in going through some periods of life neglecting myself and not getting enough water! And still here we are thriving!

So I hope you are well. And I hope you go make your life more succulent!

Just click the image for full size, then right click to “Save as…”

Succulent desktop wallpaper
DESKTOP: 1920 x 1080
Succulent desktop wallpaper
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Succulent ipad wallpaper
TABLET: 768 X 1024
Succulent smartphone wallpaper
MOBILE: 360 X 640

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