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#WallpaperWednesday | Soft

Every week in 2018, I’ll be sharing a power word in weekly wallpapers to help brighten your desktop and act as an affirmation of sorts. These wallpapers will be available in two desktop sizes, tablet and mobile device.

This week… Soft

What I’ve come to learn is that the world is never saved in grand messianic gestures, but in the simple accumulation of gentle, soft, almost invisible acts of compassion.
~ Chris Abani

When was the last time you felt compassion for another? For yourself? Of late, I’ve been thinking of the hardness in the world… feeling there are so many sharp edges… we, as women, have the unique gift of bringing a special softness into the world. A soft light we can emanate and help heal those around us with our love and compassion.

It feels difficult at times to do this. As Brene Brown discusses, it is the vunerability of exposing ourselves, our soft underbelly shared with another. And yet that is where the sweetness of life lies.

I hope you are well this week.

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Soft desktop wallpaper
DESKTOP: 1920 x 1200
Soft desktop wallpaper
DESKTOP: 1366 x 768
Soft ipad wallpaper
TABLET: 1024 x 1024
Soft mobile wallpaper
MOBILE: 750 x 1334

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