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#WallpaperWednesday | Embrace

Every week in 2018, I’ll be sharing a power word in weekly wallpapers to help brighten your desktop and act as an affirmation of sorts. These wallpapers will be available in two desktop sizes, tablet and mobile device.

This week… Embrace

“Attaining inner peace isn’t about letting someone else read your lines; it’s about embracing your character and giving the performance of a lifetime. Never be afraid to express your inner thoughts, never be afraid to dance to a different beat because when you shine with self-acceptance, you light up the world.” — Lakeysha-Marie Green

“Embracing your character and giving the performance of a lifeime…” your lifetime! My lifetime! I think quote is wonderful to think about as we strive to embrace all the wonderful details about ourselves – embrace your strengths, your quirks, your challenges.

To help support this idea of embracing yourself, here’s a scene from one of my favorite movies, The Holiday

Arthur Abbott: You know what I’ve been asking myself all night?

Iris: What? Why I’m bothering you with all these questions?

Arthur Abbott: I’m wondering why a beautiful girl like you would go to a strangers’ house for their Christmas Vacation, and on top of that spend Saturday night with an old cock-up like me.

Iris: Well, I just wanted to get away from all the people I see all the time!…
[Arthur looks at her incredulously] Iris: Well, not all the people… one person. I wanted to get away from one… guy.
[she sobs] Iris: An ex-boyfriend who just got engaged and forgot to tell me.

Arthur Abbott: So, he’s a schmuck.

Iris: As a matter of fact, he is… a huge schmuck. How did you know?

Arthur Abbott: He let you go. This is not a hard one to figure out. Iris, in the movies we have leading ladies and we have the best friend. You, I can tell, are a leading lady, but for some reason you are behaving like the best friend.

Iris: You’re so right. You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for god’s sake! Arthur, I’ve been going to a therapist for three years, and she’s never explained anything to me that well. That was brilliant. Brutal, but brilliant.

This week, if you aren’t already, embrace yourself, embrace being the leading lady of your own life.

Just click the image for full size, then right click to “Save as…”

Embrace desktop wallpaper
DESKTOP: 1366 X 768

Embrace desktop wallpaper
DESKTOP: 1920 X 1080

Embrace tablet wallpaper
TABLET: 768 X 1024

Embrace phone wallpaper
MOBILE: 375 X 667

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