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#Thursday Thoughts–Do You Make Decisions Based on Your “Optimistic Self” or your “Real Self”?

Do you tend to buy or make decisions based on your “optimistic-who-I-wish-I-were self” instead of your “real self”? I used to, but I’ve gotten much better. Once I figured out what I enjoy and what makes me successful in one part of my life, I realized I could apply that to other areas too.

Several years ago, I had loads of unused home fitness gear, and spent too much money on equipment and online workout programs over the years. None of these did the trick for me because I don’t like exercising alone. I enjoy activities with others and attending classes with an instructor/coach. I remain committed and see better, long-lasting results. That’s my real self!

It’s also had a positive impact on other areas of my life. As I’ve shared before, I’ve been part of an awesome running group for years. We’ve got all ages (40’s- late 80’s) and skill levels. We’re all about cheering and supporting one another. Now, I regularly attend a yoga class, and recently started a strength training HIIT (high intensity interval training) class. I enjoy the experience in the company of other like-minded people. I’m in a writing group, and I have co-created Hourglass Workshops, a women’s community and lunch group to share ideas and have fun at this time in our lives.

We all have friends who are dedicated to their home workouts and solo fitness programs. They found what works best for them. Of course, there are activities I enjoy alone such as my morning journal and meditation.

Simply, if we enjoy doing something, we most likely will continue to do it.

Here are a couple things to consider….

Are you making decisions or holding onto stuff for your “who-you wish-you-were-self” or your “real self”?

What brings you enjoyment on this continuum of group vs. solo activities?

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