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The Importance of a Buddy

I have been a lucky girl. I have been blessed with someone very special—my wonderful friend, Kathie—to share my running journey over the past several years. She shared this dream initially for our first big race and through most of them. We’ve inspired, humored and “tough loved” one another all along the way. We overcame challenges, hit new personal bests, and it’s been much more fun doing this together. She doesn’t live locally, so we don’t train together, but we text, call, and send one another inspiration and information all the time.

My Running Pal Kathie
My Running Pal Kathie

Having a friend made preparing and training for our first San Jose Rock and Roll race so do-able and less formidable.   Doing something for the first time is rarely easy, and being with Kathie helped so much—from all the AM hours of running,   picking up our first race packet, the early morning arrival logistics, hanging out together before the race, and sharing the joy and pain when we crossed the finish line.

Here we are at our first race of 2015—the Pleasanton Fathers Day Run.

We naturally enjoy the companionship of other women throughout our lives. Our friends add dimension, richness, laughter, and a lightness to our life, especially during challenging times. Our good friends support us through the tough stuff life throws at us, as well as share our successes and joys, and encourage us to do that little bit more. I cherish and appreciate my friendships, recognizing   they help me become the very best me—and get me across so many finish lines in life!

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