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The Four Reasons I Do Anything in Life

I’m at an interesting time of my life….retired from my professional career and exploring other aspects of myself and how to best live my life. When I am considering beginning something new, continuing or quitting an activity, I ask myself four questions. And if I don’t get one or more “yeses” then I don’t do it. These questions really get to the core reasons I do anything.

  1. Does it make (or save) me money? Having worked most all my life, I still like to make and save money. So, even though I’m “retired”, I still consider opportunities to make money.
  2. Is it something that is personally or professional enriching? If it helps me to become a better person, learn something new, or gain a new skill, then it’s almost always a “yes”.
  3. Does it serve the greater good?   This allows for those activities, contributions of my time, talent or money to help in a meaningful way. Family, friends, our community, they all represent the greater good and something bigger than myself. It feels great inside while doing good for others. I’ve given thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours over the years to help the world be a little better.
  4. Is it fun? If its something that delights me, makes me laugh, and brings me joy, especially shared with my family and friends, then it’s likely I’ll do it. Pleasure, the quiet delights that soothe our soul and nurture our spirit, fall into this category.These are my four reasons for doing something? What are yours?



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