Midlife Women,  The Nine Facets

The Brilliance of a Multi-faceted Woman

diamond facets2We all know women are multi-faceted, ourselves included. We easily change roles several times in a day. From Mom, professional, volunteer, wife/partner, daughter, driver, cook, to name a few. On a bad day, we feel fractured, dull, and lackluster. On a good day, all our brilliance shines through and we reflect the light in our world.

A couple years ago, I realized the facets through which my life energy shines, can be made more beautiful and polished with some focused attention.

I love the diamond analogy, not because I am a diamond expert, but because I love their light, complexity, and beauty. No one diamond is like any other, and they don’t age out, get tossed out for becoming obsolete, and they never lose their functionality. They simply reflect the light in life and bring joy to others with their beauty and worth.

Facets are a natural form of crystal structure and reflect the underlying symmetry of the crystal when light is present. Facets are cut into the gemstones to improve their appearance by allowing them to reflect more light.

We are all born with our own natural internal structure, much like a diamond. Our experiences carve and polish our facets. These facets allow our inner light (spirit, personality, essence) to shine, and they also reflect the light in our lives.

Life will cut, polish or dull those facets in our life, however we also can consciously choose which facets to polish through out life experiences. This allows our beautiful, unique and brilliant light to shine into the world in new and different ways.

So, consider they ways you can become the multi-faceted woman you’d like to be by exploring the Nine Facets I’ve identified and seen in so many women at this time of life.




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