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    Microblog Monday #36 Insights from Van Morrison

    “Smell the sea and feel the sky.  Let your soul and spirit soar”.  —Van Morrison. (Grammy Award winner, Northern Irish Singer-Songwriter) One of my favorite quotes, it teases our senses and encourages us to be very present in the moment. It suggests we experience the sounds, the scents, what we see, and how we feel this moment and our space. It reminds us to let our spirit and soul soar. A sunset  is a beautiful moment which reminds us of the beauty of the passing day. A moment to pause and express gratitude. Let your spirit soar.

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    3 Surprising Ways to Add Sensuality in Your Life

    Last year I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing vacation. The kind of vacation I returned from feeling refreshed and relaxed. My body and spirit nourished. A vacation where each day flows one into the other. Simple delicious well prepared meals eaten slowly. We stayed in beautiful peaceful resort in a stunning natural environment. It was a week of dramatic landscapes, vibrant colors, warm clear skies, brilliant sunrises and sunsets, and the fresh unique scent of the high desert. We hiked through red rock formations, native trees and colorful desert flowers. Quiet stillness with faint breezes were interrupted only by occasional cars and people passing by. I enjoyed the refreshing contact of…