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    #MicroblogMonday #33 Trick or Treat—How to Get the Important Things Done

    “Trick or Treat: How to get the important things done.” (This is a method I’ve used for a while—I adapted it to a fun Halloween tradition.) We all have those large, overwhelming projects we need to get done. Or daily mundane activities we need to do for our own good. Here are my tricks and treats I use to get big things done and build better habits into my life. 3 TRICKS Break significant projects or tasks down into several small, doable steps. Something you can finish in 30 minutes or less. (Tip: Set a timer.) Pair something challenging or boring with something fun. Daily walks or workouts are much…

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    #MicroblogMonday 30—Saying Yes to Your Needs

    “There are times when saying “yes” to our own needs, we must say “no” to the needs of others.  In other words, when you say yes to someone else’s needs, what are you denying yourself? Time, money, resources, energy or attention? There’s a trade off in some way. Recently, Simone Biles and Naomi Osaki, both top professional athletes, said yes to taking care of their own mental health needs. In doing so, they said no to the public’s need to see them perform. They showed incredible strength to take care of themselves in full view (and some criticism) of millions of people. Some have argued they demonstrated weakness in not…

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    #Microblog Monday #28—Invisibility and Women Over 50

    “Occasionally I hear comments that women over 50 become invisible in our society. Honestly, being invisible to others concerns me less than being invisible to myself.” I choose to embrace who I am today, not the woman I was 30 years ago. I surround myself with people who see me for who I am and love me anyway. I am interested in the world and learning new things, preferably with others who share those interests. I am innately curious about people and enjoy good conversations. I smile and laugh often.  Happiness is infectious.