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    #MicroblogMonday 22—Self Care

    “Caring for one’s self is not selfish. It is an act of spiritual gratitude.” Many years ago, I was told by someone I love that taking care of myself was selfish. I later realized that positive self-care honors my whole being. By taking care of myself in positive ways, I am expressing gratitude for my energy and my life. Self-care replenishes my body and my spirit, so I can show up in the world the best I can be.

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    I’m Healthier (and May Live Longer) Because I Live Gratefully

    It didn’t start out so well back in March. With little warning or mental preparation, Covid threw us into a silent, empty world, with only essential services open. I struggled with the stay at home orders, not seeing my family, and the associated fears of this unknown pandemic. My overall feeling of well-being and optimism had been dismantled. I was stressed, sad, not sleeping well, felt disconnected, and many days unable to focus on anything except binge-watching movies.  As we near the end of a very challenging 2020, I realize I am feeling good. I am relaxed, sleep well, no longer depressed and now able to enjoy my life as…

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    #MicroBlog Monday 18 The Power of Small Moments

      Don’t underestimate how small moments can illuminate the darkest of times. When I reflect back on the day, I am most grateful for the small moments that happened. Often unexpected and seemingly insignificant, they become cherished memories and offer us hope. Birds chirping outside–the first sounds of the morning. My granddaughter wraps her little hand around my finger when we’re walking in the neighborhood–a precious act of love and trust. The burst of flavor of a warm, ripe cherry tomato–the first in this season’s garden to nourish and delight the senses. Consider all the unseen small moments in life everywhere. Moments of beauty. Acts and words of kindness, love…