Lacing Up at 60,  Motivation

San Jose Rock and Roll Revisited

On October 3rd, I ran my 4th 1/2 marathon.   This was the second time I’ve run the SJ Rock and Roll.   What a difference a year makes! I improved my time by 13 minutes and finished in 2 hours 32 minutes!   Placed 21st in my age/gender category.   My good friend   and running buddy Kathie finished about 10 minutes faster than I did. Congrats Kathie! She’s training for a full marathon next month and cruised easily past me early on in the race.   Nice to have her sweaty friendly face at the end cheering me on!

My confidence has grown.   The familiarity and several races have made us both less apprehensive about whether we would finish, we knew what to expect, and even when to stop for water, power drinks or gel.

Looking back over the year since the 2010 race, I’ve lost 28 pounds, feel better than ever, have gone through 2 pairs of shoes. I also own a few more tech running shirts so not only do I feel good, but I look good too!

And so my “happy feet” run on to a new year of interesting experiences on the road.

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