The Nine Facets,  Women Over 50

Rediscover Nine Energies to Create Your Best Second Half of Life

Endings……… and New Beginnings

Have you experienced a major life change in the past few years? If you’re over forty, like most of us, your life has shifted in some major way.

Many overwhelming endings and life changes happen after forty. Marriages end or begin, children leave home, parents age, careers end, we move to a new community, friendships change, etc..… Every ending is different, yet they all have one thing in common. They are all followed by new beginnings. Whether we consciously decide what’s next and look forward, or we resist this ending and look backwards,  it’s our choice. We cannot always control what happens in our lives, but we do control how we choose to respond to it.

When change happens in your life, do you resist it or accept it and look forward? The choice is yours.

Our Bonus Years: Using Our Gift of Time

Aggie, a very close friend, died unexpectedly at age 58. I was grief-stricken and shocked by her death at such a young age. I realized how precarious life is. And how lucky I am to wake each morning to a new day. With a sense of gratitude, I consider this time in life my bonus years.

In 1900, life expectancy was only 40 years. Today, it is over 80 years, with many now living well into our nineties and into our 100’s.  Most of us are ill-prepared for these decades with their challenges and opportunities. I am fascinated with the study and observation of human behavior as we mature and age. This time in life is no exception.

In frequent conversations with women, most agree with me that these years can be richly rewarding, multi-faceted, and challenging. Do you agree?

Identifying Nine Unique Energies:  Our Nine Facets

Each of us has our own personal life journey made up of various roles and energies blended, defining who we are and how we live. I’ve highlighted nine unique energies we can tap to enable us to live brighter, more fulfilled lives.

Each facet, as I’ve called them, represents some aspect of energy within each of us. Parts of ourselves there once upon a time, buried by life as we worked, cared for others, and focused on the stuff of life. Now is the time to rediscover and polish your facets to allow your light to shine through in new, vibrant ways. These energies help us explore new endeavors we never considered for ourselves, bringing something into our life. Each facet offers us new and varied opportunities to learn, develop, and brighten the world in new ways.

Midlife and the years beyond is ideal to explore these energies and create a new life aligned with who we are and how we choose to live now. Now is the perfect time to begin and create a best second half of life.

Why I Chose Facets as Metaphor

A diamond is a fascinatingly beautiful, individually varied gem. Like a diamond, we are unique, a creation of this moment in time. Diamonds and women reflect the light of the world, and shine with their own brightness and clarity.

The word diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas,” which means invincible or indestructible. Diamonds are believed to protect the wearer from danger, give them strength and courage, as well as contain healing properties.

Diamonds exemplify the many facets we women have in our lives through which our light may shine. Over time in life, we lose touch with these parts of ourselves. Finding long buried interests brings more light, brightness and pleasure into our lives.

The Nine Facets

Adventurer: Exploring

Seeker of new places, variety in life experiences near and far. Curious about the surrounding world. May enjoy travel; exotic cuisines and exploring her world. Variety intrigues and enlivens.

Artisan: Creating

She taps into her own unique perspective and talents creatively in some form and brings it out into the world. In many forms—writing, art, sewing, glass blowing, jewelry, interior design, fragrances, or photography, to name a few, tapping her well of ideas and inspiration.

Athlete: Moving

With a focus on body movement, flexibility, health and fitness, movement is part of her lifestyle. Running, hiking, tennis, sports, yoga, dance, or other activities are important. She values physical movement woven into each day and recognizes the value of her health.

Caregiver: Nurturing

Whether through necessity or choice, caring for others and ourselves becomes a focus. By necessity, women often become a primary caregiver for a loved one. Many begin a new midlife career in areas of health and wellbeing. Self-care is essential in life, including adequate rest, healthy foods, and exercise.

Entrepreneur: Enterprising

A love of business, enterprise and being part of the economic landscape excites her as she begins anew and focuses her energy on business or financial aspects of her life. Years of experience, working with people and money, give many a solid base for a successful venture.

Sage: Learning

This facet enjoys learning new things for the joy of discovery. A mild interest in a subject become a passion, fueling a strong desire to learn as much as possible and often become an expert in a particular field.

Sensualist: Savoring

This is a facet of delight through the senses. The sensualist experiences the five (some say six) senses in greater depth. She enjoys a life rich in texture, tastes, sounds, or scents in her world.

Torchbearer: Connecting

This facet which values the past, brings it to present day, legacy and family histories, the keeper of family and cultural traditions, and ensures the family remains connected to their roots. Busy, engaged and connected, she loves her life and her tribes and communities.

World Changer: Impacting

With a strong desire to create a positive difference in the world, this facet addresses specific causes, people, and injustice to make the world a better place. Whether it’s philanthropy, activism or volunteerism, the World Changer uses her gifts and resources to serve a local, community or global need she is passionate about.

As I continue to explore and learn and experience these facets, I will share in upcoming blogs.

Please add to the conversation. I love hearing women’s stories and how they’ve tapped into these energies to re-vitalize their lives, expand their communities and live with renewed purpose.


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