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My Word of the Year 2020

Rather than resolutions or goals, I choose a word of the year. Having done this for several years,  this word becomes a theme, a mantra of sorts to reflect upon during the year.  It often helps quiet my busy brain and to focus better.

My word for 2020 is NOURISH.

The dictionary definition: nourish—to support, sustain, cherish and strengthen

When I think about “nourish”, it is the supportive ways I treat myself, family and friends and my local community. Strengthening my spirit, my intellectual curiosity, and my body are part of this too.

Nourish is how I treat my physical self–how I eat, drink and take care of myself. I can do a better job of that this year. It is also how I talk to myself–affirming and caring, or self-critical.  Once again, I highly recommend James Clear, in Atomic Habits. He writes about how small daily incremental steps are essential to build long-term success.

To nourish my spirit, I will continue (and maybe expand) my regular 10-minute mindfulness meditation practice. I’ve been doing meditation almost daily for over a year and can attest to the positive effects.

Strong, healthy relationships require nourishment. Spending quality together in conversation and enjoying shared experiences to strengthen important relationships Kind, thoughtful words and actions face-to-face frequently help sustain and deepen relationships. Relationships require nourishment or they will flounder and drift apart. More about this one in a future blog as I explore new friendships and rebuilding our personal community.

There is so much we can do, both on a community, local and a global scale to nourish the world.  I plan to explore this one later too.

Kindness is a great first simple step. We can all be kinder to others in our words. The world needs it desperately now more than ever.

I’ll keep you posted on my word and share how I’m doing and what impact it’s having on my life.

What’s your word for 2020?  Please share it. I’d love to hear what it is.

Happy New Year!


  • Jen Berkley Jackson

    Love this! I have a word each year, also, and this year it’s BALANCE…(I’ve had that one before…it’s a good one for me!)…that will mean balancing work and fun and health and fun…LOL! Thanks as always for your great post/thoughts!

  • Ellen McNeil

    Love the idea of Nourish as a guidepost for 2020. New year, new decade. Lots of nourishing activity and inactivity ahead! Thank you, Cherryll!

  • Peggy Maibaum (Lew Cramer’s sister)

    Love your blogs! Nourish and Jen’s comment of Balance or both ones I would like to work on. Also, a 10 minute meditation sounds like an idea way to begin. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cherryll Sevy

      Peggy, thanks for sharing your word–Balance. I also really like how you are already beginning to take action in ways to create more balance in your life. The first step is often the hardest. You’ll be amazed at the end of the year how this one word has influenced your life, both consciously and unconsciously. Keep us posted on other ways you’ve brought more balance into your life. Enjoy!

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