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Midlife Women Super Power #2: The Power of Community

As I consider the myriad of midlife women’s super-powers, I believe our power of community to be among the strongest. For generations, women of all ages have banded together to make a difference. From the women in Athens who told their husbands in Lysistrata that until they stopped warring with Sparta, they weren’t having sex–it worked!   The suffrage movement for women’s right to vote met with unbelievable often-violent resistance from 1657-1920.   It took a community of women (and many supportive men) decades to work together to make a critical difference for women’s rights. Voting rights far too many of us take for granted and many no longer bother to vote.

Today, we have many opportunities to use our power of community in meaningful ways to make a major difference. And a our age, we have the wisdom, experience, and savvy to get things done.

Regardless of your political position, let’s face it, we all can agree our current government is not a fair representation of our diverse population. With rare exception, women are not proportionally represented in either our Federal or State governing bodies. Yet women make up over 50% of the population.

I have no desire to get involved in politics. If you do, please consider it. We need more informed voices of women. However, I believe I can make a difference at a local, community level with my presence, and to larger national or global organizations with contributions. Midlife women are 45 million strong—with many small donations from each of us, as well as volunteering locally,   we can be a global community and make a huge difference.

Won’t you consider using this super-power today!

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