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Microblog Monday #32—Maintaining Balance in Our Life

“Came upon these rocks one morning on a hike. Regardless of their shape or size, each rock balanced perfectly on a foundational rock in the flowing creek. What is your foundation rock as life swirls around you?”

For many, this is a spiritual practice, beliefs or unconditional faith in the Divine. It can also be a positive belief in onesself that whatever shows up in our life, we will have what we need to handle it. It is often family, or a special person in our life who is consistent, shows up for us, and offers us solid honest, perspective and support. Rituals, morning coffee, journaling, meditation, evening prayers, daily walks, or quiet time alone to reflect and sit with ourselves.

With the continuous flow of content, news feeds, social media, noise, and everyday life activities swirl around us, make sure you have a solid foundation rock.

Whatever our foundation, it is essential to our well-being and keeps us balanced in life’s unending ebbs and flows.

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