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Morning Musings: A Chocolate Scented Candle and My Aha Moment!

My typical morning begins early and quietly. A cup of hot, strong coffee, a candle (mine is chocolate scented), my journal and a book. I meditate—10 minutes is my max these days. I write, read, review my day, and finish up with Wordle and Connections games. These are my good habits which move me positively into the day.

I have a “not so good habit, however.  This habit makes me tense and erodes my self-confidence. A clue is in the title of the book: Finish, Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff.    I start so many things with enthusiasm, but I am bad at finishing. Really bad!

My writing coach (shout out to Chad R. Allen) sent it to me a few years ago.  Clearly he understands the challenge so many of us have actually finishing projects, writing or otherwise. I skimmed it back then. Now I’m re-reading it, making notes and incorporating Acuff’s ideas into my daily life. Aha–I get it this time! I am busy writing again, finishing things imperfectly and having fun.

My positive regular morning habit,  with the light of my chocolate scented meditation candle, is helping me overcome a “not so good habit”.

Must we take it all so seriously?

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