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Got my Shoes!

My 2015 Running Shoes
My 2015 Running Shoes

It’s early July and my “formal” 16 week race training schedule is just about to begin. Look at what I just bought! Two new pairs of running shoes for this next journey.   Highly functional, yet really colorful and   fun! Why not? Good equipment is so important when we begin something new and this is true in running. A well fitted shoe makes the difference between sore feet, possible muscular-structural injury and an enjoyable, pain-free experience. A bright colorful shoe makes it more fun and upbeat.

Shoes should be replaced about every 400 miles or so (sooner if they hurt or the mood strikes!) I have worn Asic gels for years…they seem to best fit my wide foot and provide the stability and cushion that works for me. I also buy them at my local running store.   I bring in my old shoes so they can see how I wear them, and then I try on several and we discuss them. In addition to the green & pink Asics, I also decided to try a pair of Newtons.   They are a different style of shoe and have more lugs (tread) on the ball of the shoe which make the roll from heel to ball of foot easier. My running friend, Kathie has worn them and loves them, so I decided to give them a try–they’re the hot pink ones!

While I could have selected the gray shoes he brought out initially, I opted for the colorful ones.   I smile when I put them on, they feel good on my feet and they add color and energy to my early morning run.

So, if you’re embarking on a new venture, make sure you have good equipment, add color where you can, stick to what’s worked in the past, yet don’t be afraid to try something new too.

Ok, now I’m off and running today!

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