Get to the Starting Line

I just read a great statistic in one of my running magazines. Nearly 25% of all runners registered   for a 1/2 marathon don’t even show up the day of the race. Now this is the best part—-of those who do start,   95% finish the 1/2 marathon!     This is such a life lesson.   How often do we worry or complain about “failing” or our not succeeding at something.   Odds are we didn’t show up in the first place.   Think about it. Running a long race is about making a commitment (schedule race, send in check); preparation (find and stick to training regime, lace up and hit the trail regularly); the right fuel (hydrate, food, rest), and then SHOW UP the day of the race.     Simple, not always easy. The odds are with you to succeed because you started.   I guarantee you won’t succeed if   you don’t even start!

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  • Brian

    This is so true. The hardest part is the start. Isn’t there a quote, “90% of life is just showing up.” Keep up the good work ma. And remember to show up to the start line and you will be good!

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