Crossing the Finish Line

I did it! I finished  my 2nd 1/2 Marathon on Oct 4th when Kathie and I together crossed the Finish Line at the San Jose Rock N Roll event!  And what a fabulous  event it was!     Once again, I realized things are certainly better shared—this run  no exception.    My excited friend and I  took light rail and  arrived  downtown San Jose at  6:30am at this huge event, experiencing all  the pre-race activities. At 8am, the starting gun was fired, and we were off!      We ran  within sight of one  another the entire race and ultimately  crossed the finish line together–so  encouraging and supportive! It was    wonderful to share both the elation and the feeling of hardening cement in our muscles!    This incredibly well orchestrated  event  took great care of  over 11,000 runners, with  hundreds of smiling and terrific volunteers providing encouragement, water, and energy GU along the way!   The bands, the medical teams, fire,  police and  by-standers cheering all  runners was proof positive that we are truly part of a community. My time was  the same as my July Jungle Run, 2 hours 45 minutes.    I placed 34th out of the 85 in my age group.   But, I  admit I was more exhausted and  really sore the next day, while savoring  the euphoria and the pride of   my  accomplishment.    Will I do it again?   I’m considering it.   Meanwhile, I’ll continue  these  writings  about new and interesting things I’m doing in my life, what’s working and what’s not.   And I encourage you to   step up and step out into new things!

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  • Laurel Leone

    Cherryll (double-R double-L Cherryll, as I mentally call you to myself):
    CONGRATULATIONS! Your enthusiasm is absolutely infectious & inspiring. I’ve been talking with several friends about the aging process, and I’m a big believer in having friends of widely varying ages. My dear 78-year-old friend Barbara, a role model for me of ‘how I want to be when I grow up/older’, reminded me of the reaction when Jane Fonda was introducing her new workout programs, and was very open and public about being 40, not something any female with Hollywood connections at that time was doing! Some people were shocked: “you’re really 40?!” “you don’t look like 40” etc. Her response was “THIS IS HOW 40 LOOKS!” Well, you’re a shining example of “THIS IS HOW 60 LOOKS!” I love being part of this generation redefining in the most meaningful way what the aging process is and can be about.

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