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    Traveling Solo: The Myths and The Magic

    Not long ago, a  good friend shared with me her horror story of the travel companion from Hell! She had asked someone she knew casually in her hiking group to join her on a week-long Road Scholar Grand Canyon hiking trip. This travel companion made the trip miserable for my friend–very demanding, moody, rude, and inflexible with just about everything. After that trip, my friend said, “No more , never again will I invite someone I don’t know really well to travel with.” Fortunately, she has continued to travel solo and had some wonderful experiences. When we were younger, leisure travel was most often with a spouse/partner, children, or girl…

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    5 Reasons Creativity is so Important in Your Life Now

    “But I’m not creative like you!” I responded to my long-time friend recently. Without a pause, she argued, “What are you talking about? You are too!” She then proceeded to list the many creative things I’ve done over the years. (That’s one reason why I love my long-time friends. They remember and help us see things about us we may not see in ourselves.) For all those busy years of kids and career, I rarely had the time to do what I considered to be large creative projects. However, I tried in small ways to “up my game” with creative table settings, holiday projects, and interesting vacation photos. I felt…

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    10 Insanely Simple Ways to Make New Friends in Midlife

    One of my all time favorite singer/songwriters is Carole King–and my favorite song is  “You’ve Got a Friend”. I love to sing along- usually loud and slightly off-key. The song captures that time in my late teens and twenties in life when I had lots of friends and was busily pursuing my dreams. Friends, then and now, are very important to me–and since my early fifties, I do my best to spend as much time as possible with friends. Friendships are Life-Savers—Literally! Friendships are not just enjoyable, they’re essential to our health and vitality. Several studies reveal women’s survival rates dramatically increase after a serious illness or cancer if they…