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    Morning Musings: A Chocolate Scented Candle and My Aha Moment!

    My typical morning begins early and quietly. A cup of hot, strong coffee, a candle (mine is chocolate scented), my journal and a book. I meditate—10 minutes is my max these days. I write, read, review my day, and finish up with Wordle and Connections games. These are my good habits which move me positively into the day. I have a “not so good habit, however.  This habit makes me tense and erodes my self-confidence. A clue is in the title of the book: Finish, Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff.    I start so many things with enthusiasm, but I am bad at finishing. Really bad! My…

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    Morning Musings: What Direction are You Facing? Perspective Matters

    Early this morning while enjoying my first cup of coffee, a friend texted me a photo. She had just taken it from her East-facing kitchen window.  A stunning fire-red sunrise. Facing west at my kitchen table, I saw a sky of gray clouds. So I grabbed my iphone and headed outside and looked East. This is what I saw. Spectacular! My quick take….. Sometimes a change in perspective will have beautiful results. We rarely see all the possibilities.  

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    #MicroblogMonday #26 Do Something New and Different

    “Do something new and different, beyond the familiar. Feel its magic and juiciness.” When I dare to do something different, new, or beyond what’s comfortable, I feel more alive.  Restless, awkward with the unfamiliar, maybe a little scary, I become more alert to what’s around me and focused on what I am doing. Over the years, my daily journal-writing has taken different forms. Lately, I’m doing free-form journal writing for a specified period of time, where I notice and record my mind chatter in the morning. This is a new way of writing for me, which is different, emotional,  and at times feels magical. Similarly, once we notice our life,…