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    Microblog Monday #17–When Confidence Shows Up

      Confidence seldom begins our journey with us.  Rather, confidence becomes a trusted companion only after we get started. When we begin most anything new, we may feel excited,  nervous, uncomfortable, but rarely are we confident. That comes later as we move step by step, small successful actions, little wins, and goals achieved. We begin to feel our confidence return and build within us. So get started on what you you want or where you want to be even if  you don’t feel confident. It’ll show up. So….begin boldly and know that confidence will join you along the way.  

  • Midlife Women,  Motivation,  Self-Care

    My Word of the Year 2020

    Rather than resolutions or goals, I choose a word of the year. Having done this for several years,  this word becomes a theme, a mantra of sorts to reflect upon during the year.  It often helps quiet my busy brain and to focus better. My word for 2020 is NOURISH. The dictionary definition: nourish—to support, sustain, cherish and strengthen When I think about “nourish”, it is the supportive ways I treat myself, family and friends and my local community. Strengthening my spirit, my intellectual curiosity, and my body are part of this too. Nourish is how I treat my physical self–how I eat, drink and take care of myself. I…