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    #MicroblogMonday #33 Trick or Treat—How to Get the Important Things Done

    “Trick or Treat: How to get the important things done.” (This is a method I’ve used for a while—I adapted it to a fun Halloween tradition.) We all have those large, overwhelming projects we need to get done. Or daily mundane activities we need to do for our own good. Here are my tricks and treats I use to get big things done and build better habits into my life. 3 TRICKS Break significant projects or tasks down into several small, doable steps. Something you can finish in 30 minutes or less. (Tip: Set a timer.) Pair something challenging or boring with something fun. Daily walks or workouts are much…

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    #MicroblogMonday 23–Making Progress

    “You don’t make progress by standing in the shadows, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.” –Shirley Chisholm. There is much to do and each of us has the power, wisdom, and influence to make changes in the world today. Refuse to stand in the shadows or sit on the sidelines of life. Find something you care deeply about and do something. Say something. Do something. It matters.

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    #MicroBlog Monday 18 The Power of Small Moments

      Don’t underestimate how small moments can illuminate the darkest of times. When I reflect back on the day, I am most grateful for the small moments that happened. Often unexpected and seemingly insignificant, they become cherished memories and offer us hope. Birds chirping outside–the first sounds of the morning. My granddaughter wraps her little hand around my finger when we’re walking in the neighborhood–a precious act of love and trust. The burst of flavor of a warm, ripe cherry tomato–the first in this season’s garden to nourish and delight the senses. Consider all the unseen small moments in life everywhere. Moments of beauty. Acts and words of kindness, love…