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    MicroblogMonday #40 Creativity: Your Imagination at Play

    “Creativity is about the process, not the end product.  It’s our imagination at play….where joy is in creating, not in what is created.” We’ve all experienced being in the flow of creating. We lose track of time, discover new ideas, try new techniques and learn and practice new skills as our energy and imagination guides us. Creating often feels playful and fun as we allow our imagination to roam free and wild. Whether or not we like our end product, that feeling is usually short-lived and  pales in comparison to the joy of creating. We can all use more playtime and joy, so start creating.

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    #MicroblogMonday #26 Do Something New and Different

    “Do something new and different, beyond the familiar. Feel its magic and juiciness.” When I dare to do something different, new, or beyond what’s comfortable, I feel more alive.  Restless, awkward with the unfamiliar, maybe a little scary, I become more alert to what’s around me and focused on what I am doing. Over the years, my daily journal-writing has taken different forms. Lately, I’m doing free-form journal writing for a specified period of time, where I notice and record my mind chatter in the morning. This is a new way of writing for me, which is different, emotional,  and at times feels magical. Similarly, once we notice our life,…

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    #MicroblogMonday 21—Beginner’s Mind

    “A beginner’s mind is curious and open to life’s possibilities…and most likely will be uncomfortable at first.” Uncomfortable for several reasons. We are not yet proficient when we begin something new. Our confidence may have left the room as we struggle with self-doubt, our perfectionism, and our inner critic who whispers about how crazy we are to even be doing the thing. These are all normal. Feel the fear and just do it. Action is an antidote to fear. Bring your sense of humor, your compassion for yourself, and above all the willingness to feel uncomfortable.