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    8 Things I Did to Change My Perception of the World

    I have been feeling overwhelmed and powerless the past few months by all the anger, violence, and hatred in the news.  The problems feel so big, well beyond my capacity to do anything meaningful to make a difference. I became irritated, short-termpered and wasn't sleeping well. Rather than focusing on the big events, I decided to shift my focus to living my best simple life every day for the next 30 days. At first, it felt like denial, escaping from the "tragedy of the day", or I was becoming uncaring and out of touch. I made a few conscious consistent changes in my everyday activities to see what happened.

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    Are we nearing “Critical Mass” on big social issues?

    Last night, I had dinner with several professional women I’ve known from serving on a non-profit Board. Our conversation ranged from families, personal travel, the recent disasters and our own disaster recovery experiences, and of course our favorite books and movies. All personally revealing, honest and authentic. Many funny stories with wise insights. Although very different life experiences and backgrounds, every woman shared several common traits: wit, grit, grace, wisdom and resilience. The conversation moved into the social issues we women face “still after all these years”. Starting with the recent #metoo campaign and sexual harassment and workplace hostility. We were all amazed the hear how so many people seem…

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    Beyond 40 Achievers: From Movie Star to World-Changer, Elizabeth Taylor

    She was one of the last great movie stars….an icon of incredible beauty, seduction and intrigue. When one thinks of Elizabeth Taylor, great actress, legendary star, eight marriages, exquisite jewelry, stunning beauty and violet eyes come to mind. She was also a feminist and a trail-blazer. She used her stardom, incredible wealth and compassion to make a difference in the world. After the age of 40, she went far beyond her movie-star life starring in over 50 films for which she won hundreds of awards, including 3 Academy Awards. In the mid-1980’s, she stood up to advocate for AIDS. Ms. Taylor used her fame and her voice to speak out…