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Beyond 40 Achievers: The Sweet Smell of Success

shelley-waddington-pictureMany new paths are taken in midlife and long ago dreams resurface. For Shelley Waddington, Artisan Perfumer and Author, it was a long held desire to create fragrances and design perfumes. Following her early roles as corporate professional and mother (when I first met her), she began to explore the world of fragrances and founded her company, En Voyage Perfumes.

She is the recipient of multiple international awards, and author of “Perfuming with Natural Isolates”. Shelley has been a vibrant and major force in fine fragrance and in the rising American West Coast school of perfumery. Her talent in creating new, unique blends and her love of beauty can be seen in her exquisite bottles.

Shelley creates her award-winning collections in her studio and she is   highly regarded and praised by the fragrance industry and consumers for her innovative and beautiful fragrances.   Her signature scents are inspired by her knowledge of perfume chemistry and composition, indigenous raw materials, by art, artists, literature and the natural world around her.

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