Beyond 40 Achievers

Beyond 40 Achiever: Jill Boehler

Jill’s story is a great example of not overthinking our need for success. She had a problem. She thought others might too (I did – love her items!). She shared her solution and now she’s an entrepreneur making serious money.

How many of us have been sitting in a restaurant on a warm, sunny day but freezing because of the A/C? Jill Boehler’s inspiration began at a chilly restaurant wishing she had a compact shawl that she could take out from her purse. She mentioned this idea to friends and was encouraged to develop it. At 52, she funded the business with $10,000 of her own money and has since sold thousands of Chilly Jillys.

The biggest business challenge has been not in the creating of the product but in getting the product out to the public. I had a lot of help from the media in doing this and spent a lot of energy reaching out to them.

Since the original Chilly Jilly wrap, Jill has expanded her product line which keeps her busy along with being a wife, mother and grandmother.

You can recreate and redefine yourself like I did. Always remember this lesson. My invention came from a need to stay warm and I followed that need until it became a dream. It is never too late to start again and to follow your dream.

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