Lacing Up at 60,  Motivation

Back on the Road Again!

It’s been over a month since my last post—thanks for all the great supportive comments. I admit, I have been basking  in my feat, (which was both physical and mental) while contemplating running another 1/2 marathon. The following weekend, my sister Rachelle came into town and with Brian and Emily, joined us for the Wharf to Wharf 6 mile run in Santa Cruz. What a great time! Certainly less intense,  much cooler  and a familiar course.   I recall last  year  I was afraid  wouldn’t finish. This year  was  different.    Since I’d  just finished the 1/2, it wasn’t a matter of finishing, rather how much had  I improved?  Interesting shift in perspective.     I have decided to run the San Jose Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon October 4th, with my dear friend Kathie.   By the way, it’s not easy to find friends at my age who are willing to run 13 miles!  Training has begun!   I’m feeling great, running more frequently and following my  training program  again.   I realize I thrive on goals with specific dates attached.   I also learned once I found  a successful,   proven  system and  simply trusting that system yields great results and  peace of mind.  Interesting….life and running aren’t so dissimilar.   So, the shoes are on and I’m running again!

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  • Brian (son #1)

    Glad to see you are doing another one ma! Wow, I just hope that I am still running like you when I get….. ahem….. more “experienced in life”.

    Keep it up, and I will no doubt see you on the trail, again.

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