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Are You a World-Changer?

I have never felt I was a “world-changer”. I tend to think much smaller without realizing the impact I can and do have on others. Not that I don’t do things to help in areas I believe in.   I’ve donated money and volunteered in various ways for several causes I felt were important. I know I can either be a force for better or worse and I try to live my life for the better. Do I make much of a difference? I never, really thought too much about it.   Now I am thinking about it.

I find I have more time to reflect on things these days, especially when I turn off the news and put my phone away.   I truly believe we impact others with our words, actions and how we show up in the world, even if its not immediately obvious. We have no idea that impact, as those results may ripple out quietly through others and make differences in ways we’ll never realize.

An individual who goes beyond everyday acts I consider a World Changer. I define three specific types. One is an Activist, someone who takes conscious meaningful actions for a specific cause or belief. The second is a Philanthropist—someone who financially supports organizations specifically for humanitarian purposes. And the third is a volunteer who gives of their time and talents to help an organization and cause they feel is important.  I believe this is a time to up our game and consider becoming a World Changer, if you aren’t already.

We are entering a period in history where dissatisfaction, anger, and activism is on the rise. To me, it feels a lot like the 60’s again. If you were around then, don’t you think so too? Distrust in the decisions of our   government and the directions we’re moving, current world events and global conflicts, civil unrest, and a divide across families and friends. Not unlike the Viet Nam and civil rights era.

                                                                “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
                                                                                                                      —Nelson Mandela

We recently visited the Nixon Presidential Library in Southern California. (This was the 4th presidential library we’ve visited so far.)   I highly recommend visiting presidential libraries it to anyone who is interested in history, as they offer a perspective on our country during those times. Regardless of political affiliation, we all can learn from history and those times, as well as actions taken (and not taken). Beyond Watergate which dominated Nixon’s presidency and led to his downfall, I was fascinated to learn that Nixon was a foreign relations expert, traveled extensively throughout the world, and studied and prepared thoroughly for his travels. He was also a valued resource to many other presidents which followed him, regardless of party affiliation.

If you’re considering more active involvement in the world today, the first thing to do is become educated on both sides of the issues. Beware of one sided, slanted and biased information, it is divisive and agitates. Well informed people are powerful, both in their conversations and their actions. I see so much onesidedness and closed mindedness all around me today.  It is very difficult to have a meaningful dialogue. One of the most powerful pictures I saw at the library was Nixon shaking hands with Zhou Enlai, the leader of Communist China. This gesture changed the world and opened the door to China back in 1972.

So, consider becoming a World-Changer…we need you!








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